Instagram Gift Card Feature

Well this is bloody exciting isn't it?

Instagram has started to slowly roll out a Gift Voucher purchasing button for profiles and also a story sticker. You might have noticed the Food Order sticker that has shown up in your story stickers recently also. This is part of their Covid19 action, assisting businesses and helping them generate more sales.

What do we know?

Well, not much yet. From looking up as much information as I can, it looks as though the Gift Voucher partner in Australia is Gift Up, which integrates with some of the big website platforms - Shopify, Wordpress, WooCommerce, MailChimp, Wix, Eventbrite & more.

Developer API

Do you use a more diverse ECommerce platform with full access to your checkout system? You are able to use a custom integration to add Gift Up to your checkout- To read up on this, check out the Gift Up page

How much?

The only fees charged are a 3.49% service fee for each voucher purchase. This can be passed onto the customer if you wish. There are no ongoing fees. Bonus!

Facebook Connection

Does your business page have over 2000 fans? If so, you are able to install the Gift Up checkout on your Facebook page. However, this is not available on mobile view, only desktop.

You have a Gift Voucher option already on your website?

That's fine, but how easy is it for someone browsing Instagram to purchase a voucher? How many clicks does it require them to take until they have checked out?

We want to make this process as quick and easy as possible. Having the button on your profile is extremly valuable, so too with the sticker. With each click someone has to make on their journey to the checkout, the more chance you have of loosing them, resulting in an abandoned cart.

To learn more about this feature, head to the Instagram info page.

Keep an eye out on my Social Media accounts as I will let you know when this starts to roll out in Australia.