Editing Video For Your Instagram and Facebook Social Media

Social Media is loving video content, it is one of many ways you can help improve your accounts reach and engagement. This is something will want to implement into your feed when trying to build your brand awareness on Instagram and Facebook.

You don’t need to be super creative or a videographer to make the most of video content, though it is a good idea to plan how you are going to capture your footage.

Things to consider when filming and editing:

· How are you going to use this footage?

Will you want to film in landscape or portrait, or will you want to use it as square content?

· How will you stop your audience from scrolling?

Each frame needs to be interesting and eye-catching so think about how your footage is going to look. Use a variety of angles, make sure your subject is clearly visible and not lost in the background can go a long way, also using simple filters.

· How important is sound to your video?

Often, your audience will be watching content with their volume turned off. If your video needs sound to create impact, you might need to consider alternative options for watching without sound. This is where subtitles and text can be used or more visual aspects.


If you have used your phone to capture content, you can easily edit your video on your phone also! Many cameras provide the option to easily transfer content to your phone with the use of apps, like GoPros! This makes editing content so easy, especially if their apps provide editing capabilities.

Looking for an app for your phone?

I love using InShot, it is simple and easy to use, has sound and visual effects, also transitions for to make your video interesting and visually pleasing. It is also free! Movavi Clips is also another free app for both Android and iPhone.

Prefer using a computer to edit?

Well, your computer might actually come with a video editing software (iMovie)

Personally, I use Movavi , is a great option for Windows and Mac, it is easy to use and provides all basic features like, changing video orientation, text, sound effects, smooth transitions and resizing.

When editing your footage, remember the key points mentioned earlier to help keep your audience engaged. If a frame in your video is long with not much happening, consider splitting your clip at a point (cutting it) and cropping the “boring” parts out, or you could speed up or slow down sections of your film to create some suspense and excitement.

Optimising for Instagram and Facebook

As is the nature of social media, it is hard to maintain your audience's focus, optimising the video length and video orientation will help in stopping them from scrolling on and potentially commenting, clicking through to your profile to find more content and following you (the goal!)


I suggest short and sweet. Get to the point!

Keep your video under 30 seconds if it is going to be a Feed post. This means show only your best quality content, don’t worry about padding it out with filler clips unless they enhance the user experience.

If you are going for a Story post, then under the 15 seconds clip time, get to the point quickly to prevent the easy tap forward to the next video.

For Reels, I suggest avoiding landscape videos and sticking to vertical which takes up the most space on the screen while scrolling. Make the cover image interesting as this is going to be in your feed also and use popular music or other original audio from within the app.


The user on this platform is after a bit more information. On a feed that is filled with words, breaking it up with the movement of a video can create interest. Keep your content under 1 minute, though you can provide more information and education within your video.